Fuck Normal

This past Wednesday morning, I was up forum searching for leads on new internet money making opportunities. I ended up coming across a thread where this guy mentioned an entrepreneurial book that he’d read & had the upmost praises for. In reading further, I saw that many other forum members were privy to this “Golden Book” & it made me curious. What could this book say that so many of the others didn’t? Not that I’ve read any other financial books, only articles, but my father had a library of books that promised to unlock the key to riches. Suffice it to say, he wasn’t rich when he died or at any time during his short 56 years so I’m sure you can see why I’d be hesitant. There are so many books that offer false hope and misleading paths which the author likely didn’t follow himself. That author simply makes himself RICHER by selling false dreams & telling readers just enough to keep them coming back for more. However, in the case of the Golden Book, & I’ll call it that throughout this post to avoid a certain copycat(I see you looking lol), it’s fans raved that it was different from the others. Hmmmm! So I checked Amazon to read the overview + reviews & my interest was further piqued when I read that the author’s plan wouldn’t take a lifetime to complete. I had to have it! After I had it in my possession I wondered if I’d ever find the time & focus to really read it. I mean it’s not Zane, you know? LOL! I read the preface & put it down to work, but I kept repeating in my head: you HAVE to do this for yourself. I knew I’d get back to it but it would have to grab me in the 1st chapter to keep me invested. I have the attention span of a 2-year old. So this morning(4 days later), I got in bed to grab some zzz’s. Yes, I know.. morning & sleep is backwards lol. But I sleep during the day & work through the night. I turned on the tv intending to watch until I fell asleep then remembered it was something more productive I could be doing. I always lie down and surf the net from my iphone reading different things anyway. It’s now or I’ll keep putting it off.

So I’ve only made it to the 2nd chapter w 40+ more to go & already I feel like I’ve read the entire book. He packed so much helpful information in those first 2 chapters that I had to take out a tablet for notes! I never EVER write btw, I type everything in my iPhone’s Notes app. This book is just that amazing and the author is a man after my own heart. I feel like he wrote this book to me personally. I experienced a dose of success early in my life. At 21, with no college degree to speak of, I embarked on a cyber journey that would end up making me more money than even my mom & many other established adults who’d been working their whole lives. I exceded my expectations and did great for awhile but of course things came to pass that I had no control over. I don’t chalk that up to a personal failure on my end since the downfall of certain outlets I relied on was out of my hands. BUT I do feel like I failed in the sense that I didn’t PLAN to fail. I can’t claim ignorance either. I knew full well that my success was tied to a trend that wouldn’t last and since then I have been chasing. I’ve remained self employed with a steady cash flow but things were starting to stand still & I began to get tired. Not to mention having those people in my life that really do want the best for me but make the mistake of thinking that their way is THE way. I try not to offend but it’s inevitable that I’m going to step on toes when I criticize the system everyone has been bamboozled into believing in. But how I feel is just how I feel & regardless of what others choose to settle for, I can’t accept that life as my fate. When I read that the author was met with the same resistance I am met with every day, I was more assured that my rebellious attitude was justified. I instantly started to appreciate my current struggle. So much so that I jumped up to post a status & decided it had to be a blog. & here I am lol. The speed bumps I’ve encountered will be a part of the story I’ll tell at the end of it all. Right now I am living my life like most people WON’T so I can live the rest of my life like most people CAN’T.

If you have a dream, goal, or aspirations that are bigger than your current means, don’t seek advice from those who aren’t there to nurture it. Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do. They’re only telling you what they themselves can’t do. It’s funny how when someone is down, broke & happy to be that way, no one feels threatened. But as soon as you have the AUDACITY to want to be somebody you’re a problem & are faced with jealousy at every turn. To that I say let their happy-to-be-BASIC asses talk. They wouldn’t be talking if you were sitting still, they’re talking because you’re making moves and they’re afraid that YOUR success will to THEMSELVES a personal truth reveal. That truth is: “Hmmm… I had the same 24 hours a day this bitch had but I spent it talking shit while she spent hers elevating her status and creating the life that I, too, wish I could live.” Yes, they will hope and pray for your failure but those same vibe killers would be the FIRST to ask to borrow money or attempt to piggyback off your success as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Last year, I saw on Facebook where a female wrote an indirect pissed off status stating that someone was trying to be something greater than they were & tore them down saying they were normal just like everyone else. I thought this was hilarious & pathetic. Not just the fact that it was posted, but that so many people had “Liked” it. Surely there are more serious things to be pressed about. Instead too many people spend their leisure hating someone who probably doesn’t even know they exist lol. In the words of one Avril Lavigne, I’d rather be ANYTHING but ordinary. & IDGAF who is uncomfortable with that. Nobody has to get it & trust me, many don’t. Sometimes those that love you most don’t even get it but as far as me & mine, I just remember it’s love, concern, and unfortunately a set way that they’ve been brainwashed into believing. I just ask them to be patient with me. Stay on my team because I swear the only way I’m not going to make it is if I die first. & when I’m good, you’re good by default. Hold me down, I’ll hold you down. But to hell with a hater. To you I say FUCK BEING NORMAL. Fuck your cushy little box. Fuck your world. Welcome to mine. You either follow your dreams or you end up working for someone who did. And if that’s what you want or what makes you happy, “no one curr”! I will never agree with it but what’s for you is for you & you alone. It’s YOUR life not mine. So remember that when you fix yourself to blow my high. What will YOUR story be?

First Pics of Blue Ivy Carter!!

Today, Solange Knowles revealed the very first photos of her niece Blue Ivy Carter on a special Tumblr post entitled ‘Hello Baby Blue Carter’. The pics were posted on Beyonce’s official website as well.

A note from Jay and Bey read:

We welcome you to share in our joy.
Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.

The Carter Family

Isn’t she adorable?! Awww!

Spring 11′ Makeup & Beauty Haul: Nars, Benefit, MUFE, Laura Mercier

I received my shipment from Sephora Monday!! Yay! I’ve also been picking up many other beauty products here and there for the past 2 months that I decided to include in this post. I promised pics & I always keep my promises… sometimes LOL. & no I don’t really keep my makeup all packaged & stored neatly in my medicine cabinet like this. I placed it in there all pretty-like because that was the only place I could find to show it all at once. I plan to invest in a professional camera & some sort of product photography kit sooner or later. But enough of my miscellaneous ramblings let’s get to the yummy stuff!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($25) is a cult favorite & eyelash curler to the stars! Tried it, loves it, nuff said! Note that Sephora no longer carries it & you have to order it directly off the Shu Uemura website. I found a promo code to get a free Shu Uemura lip gloss along with it AND free shipping. Score! I will probably rarely use this lip gloss but hey, I didn’t break bread on it either! ALWAYS ALWAYS search for promo codes when shopping online! Even if you don’t get anything knocked off your total price, you just may get another product free! #niqueleak ;)

Unofficial DEANDREA WRIGHT Statement


There have been different forms of media and news channels reaching out to me on Twitter, on Facebook, and dropping by my family’s home for my sisters and I to release a statement about our mother Maggie Wright’s recent murder over the holidays. The family plans to release an official statement very soon, should be tomorrow. As you all know, on the morning of December 19, 2010, my mom was killed leaving Harrah’s casino. My sisters weren’t prepared to release a statement before now so I made a video to let the public know that Maggie Wright had a family that cared DEEPLY for her and about 30 years worth of students who are very devastated that this happened because before & since I did the Christmas blog, no one had heard anything from the family since my sister Tiffany first reported my mother missing. I don’t want those of you who DON’T know my family personally to wonder why you haven’t much heard anything from us so I made a video. I can’t look at it without crying so I guess that means yall wont be able to laugh at my red Kim Kardashian crying face… well not yet anyway!

This is my blog, my outlet, my way of life since 2006. I realize that where I’m from no one is used to this kind of honesty & that things of this nature are usually kept private but I’ve always been up front about the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ve seen me at my highest but this is my lowest & I appreciate everyone who has been touched by this. I appreciate all the love and all the PRAYERS! YES! Even though yall know how I feel about that, I also know how strongly many of you feel about it so I can’t help but very grateful that most of you think enough of my mom & my family to take the time out and pray for our strength.

So in this video it obviously states that this is a statement from the family because that’s what it was at first. But just take it as a personal statement from ME. All news channels and media can just wait on the family statement.

P.S. If you’re wondering why our Christmas tree is still up it’s because my mom’s birthday is January 6th. We’d always leave the tree up until then. She would’ve been 59 years old :’(

Christmas Without My Mommy: Maggie P. Wright

Maggie Wright & Deandrea Wright Christmas TreeThis Christmas tree was the last thing my mommy & I did together. Dec 15th 2010, she asked me to ride to Wal-Mart with her at like 3 in the morning. I went because I got her to go with me – NO COMPLAINTS – at 1 in the morning 2 nights earlier to grocery shop. I’d been telling her for months I wanted these sorta cerulean blue ornaments. She didn’t like the blue but she went with it just for me. I insisted that it would be SO cute! I mean EVERYTHING I picked up for that tree, she bought it! She ended up spending $250 on freakin Christmas tree decorations & fun Christmas stuff for her students. She was determined that this Christmas would be our best in years.

We came home and she told me to go ahead and order the peacoat she was buying me for Christmas as she wanted it here in time enough to go under the tree. [I'm going to post a blog on the peacoat next...] In the photo above, that big box on the right side is it. So after I placed the order, we decorated the tree til it was time for her to go to work. She had done most of the decorating as I opened/stored the boxes and put the hooks in the ornaments to have them ready every time she walked by for one. When she finished working her magic, she went to get dressed for work while I put the finishing touches on the tree by filling in spots & balancing the sizes/colors/ornament styles. She said to me

You did a REALLY good job on the tree!!

I’m like

Huh?! Ma YOU did most of the work!

SMH why did I deserve full credit?? She said

But I LOVE the blue & silver color scheme!! I didn’t think it would look so pretty!!

I was really happy she loved it! The last night I saw her, I cut on the tree so it would be on when she came home & if I’d gone to sleep she could just cut it off. I ended up staying up all night with my friend Nikki. My mommy never came home.

I thought nothing of it that Sunday morning because sometimes she’ll just get a hotel room and stay a night. She’d even go just to get some rest or to get to herself and work. She’d pack her school bag, do her lesson plans & grade her student’s papers while there(though that wasn’t the case this time). I’d only call her if I needed something because I knew she was having a good time. She would call me sometimes like

Nechie you haven’t even called your mama to make sure I was okay, I haven’t heard from you all day!

I always told her that I knew she was fine. We live in MISSISSIPPI afterall right?!?!?!?! Now I see I couldn’t have been more wrong. After we were certain something had gone wrong, I could NOT cut on the tree the next night & those following. Every time I stare at it longer than 2 seconds, I BREAK DOWN in TEARS!! I have NEVER really been away from my mom & got even MORE attached to her the last 3 yrs. Maybe TOO attached. I’ve been wanting to move again but I really couldn’t imagine being away from her anymore. I also wanted to watch my nephew O’Ryan grow up. But my mom was my best friend. She was there for me through all the painful, horrifying and just pure evil bullshit I had to deal with this year. My daddy’s sudden death, the psycho ex, the grandchild that she wanted SOOOO desperately. I’ve been through it this year! Never been so low in my life but there I was. I knew it hurt her to see me the way I was & she did everything she could think of. I started to feel sorry for HER because of her feeling so sorry for me. Eventually I started to feel better but she knew that I was still hurting. She called me last month and left this message on my voice mail:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I had missed her call because my phone had discharged but I immediately called her back. She had just left home but she stayed on the phone with me forever talking about things. She told me how beautiful & intelligent I was and cracked jokes about the person who’d hurt her baby. One thing about her that everyone that knows her knows is that she’d go in cracking jokes QUICK! I remember thinking how lucky I was that she was my mom!

My mommy, my HEART.. I waited for you. I wouldn’t leave the house because I didn’t want to miss you when you finally returned home. I had to take the Christmas wreath off your door as every time it made a sound, my heart jumped out of my chest thinking you were turning your keys in the lock. Since the night of the morning we found out for sure what had happened, I’ve been plugging the tree in for you. Even though its unbearably painful for me, I will light it up until the holidays are over. YOUR light, however, will forever shine on in every life you’ve ever touched. If there’s a heaven I know you’re in it having an awesome Christmas. Mine will never be the same. I LOVE & MISS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! ♥ ♥ :’(

Ciara ft Ludacris: Ride It

Did someone turn the heat up in this bish?! DAMNNNN Princess Super C! If this is how you’re gonna come back then I’m definitely checking for you. Can anyone dance better than this chick?! I swear she goes hard.. & that lil p*ssy pulse move at the 0:43 mark?! Wow!… Why are yall looking at me like that? I couldn’t think of anything else to call it lol! Ci Ci you didn’t have to do it like that! *goes to the mirror to practice* :D

Im not quite sure how far this video will make it being that the do me vibe of it is uber Prince but I’m sooo into this song!  The only thing I really liked about the actual video is her dancing. Oh & the black swimsuit scenes? Hot! Her hair was IT and she pulled off that red lipstick. She’s just too freakin skinny! She can keep that “23 inch waist” but in the meantime someone please pass my girl some biscuits.. We like it thick in the South!

Go past the jump to hear the uncut version of the song:

Chouette Love Hello Kitty Watches

Check out these super cute new Chouette Love Hello Kitty watches!  Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan, every girl loves to sparkle & can we say BLING BLING?! The synthetic diamond Hello Kitty heads in the Message Collection(shown above) are to DIE for.  They come in a variety of colors. I’ve spotted 5(black, pink, red, yellow & purple).  Some are rimmed with stainless steel and others with gold. The uber sexy part? The synthetic diamond encrusted dial! It has a quartz movement that turns them into an LED screen that can either light to flash the time, a message or a shape. Hows that for technology?!

The other two collections are the Sparkle Collection and the Ceramic Collection. Im SO feeling that pink Hello Kitty from the Sparkle!  I love the Message in pink too but I couldn’t do that loud pink band as it’s a bit much for my taste… The price for one of these babies you ask? They range from $620 – $800USD.  Steep but alot less than Kimora Lee Simmons’ kitty litter..[hehe.. get it?] So which one of you baller bishes are checking for em? *clutches my pearls and walks away lol*

Nique Tunes: Ashanti How To Keep Your Girl

Ashanti – How To Keep Your Girl

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I am soooo feeling this track by Ashanti. I’ve been hearing that its not new & that it actually didn’t make it on to one of her albums. I’m not an Ashanti fan(ask anyone) so if I’m feeling this, I know you guys will! I can think of a few guys that might need to listen to it lol… She gives some damned good advice :)

Love it or Hate it?

SN: Did yall hear my 10 second intro I did before the actual song came in?! It took me a really short time to throw it together in my Garage Band program on my iMac but it came out pretty hot… & I’m no producer. Gives the site a more personal touch though dontcha think? :D

Relaunching Deandrea Wright.. the Blog

Deandrea WrightHey yall! Didja miss me?! Yeah yeah I know yall did.. See what had happened was(lol) I changed servers and domains last year but never got around to putting my blog back up. I backed up all my old posts or so I thought I did, but it turned out that the backup I had was actually for my first blog, iCyberlebrity. So that was a bust.

I’ve spent the last week designing this template and I sooooo love it! Something about black and pink is just so sexy to me! Even if I don’t feel like blogging I think the site is so yummy now its going to keep me motivated. So stay tuned I will make sure theres lots to talk about. I’ve got to tell yall whats been up and whats about to be up.

I have no idea what direction I want to take this site in, so for now its just going to be about everything from celebrity gossip, fashion, shopping, parties… EVERYTHING! Depending on how things go with certain subjects, I’ll start focusing more on those.. Seeing that I already have some sort of little internet following, I think its gonna work out okay. Cant wait to pop this thing off! So what do you guys think about the lay of the land? Cute? Grown & cute? Teeny bopper… but cute? *makes the big sad eyes like that cat on Shrek lol* As long as it’s cute & you can see yourselves hanging here from time to time.. Let me know what you think about it in the comments :)