Spring 11′ Makeup & Beauty Haul: Nars, Benefit, MUFE, Laura Mercier

I received my shipment from Sephora Monday!! Yay! I’ve also been picking up many other beauty products here and there for the past 2 months that I decided to include in this post. I promised pics & I always keep my promises… sometimes LOL. & no I don’t really keep my makeup all packaged & stored neatly in my medicine cabinet like this. I placed it in there all pretty-like because that was the only place I could find to show it all at once. I plan to invest in a professional camera & some sort of product photography kit sooner or later. But enough of my miscellaneous ramblings let’s get to the yummy stuff!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($25) is a cult favorite & eyelash curler to the stars! Tried it, loves it, nuff said! Note that Sephora no longer carries it & you have to order it directly off the Shu Uemura website. I found a promo code to get a free Shu Uemura lip gloss along with it AND free shipping. Score! I will probably rarely use this lip gloss but hey, I didn’t break bread on it either! ALWAYS ALWAYS search for promo codes when shopping online! Even if you don’t get anything knocked off your total price, you just may get another product free! #niqueleak ;)

Christmas Without My Mommy: Maggie P. Wright

Maggie Wright & Deandrea Wright Christmas TreeThis Christmas tree was the last thing my mommy & I did together. Dec 15th 2010, she asked me to ride to Wal-Mart with her at like 3 in the morning. I went because I got her to go with me – NO COMPLAINTS – at 1 in the morning 2 nights earlier to grocery shop. I’d been telling her for months I wanted these sorta cerulean blue ornaments. She didn’t like the blue but she went with it just for me. I insisted that it would be SO cute! I mean EVERYTHING I picked up for that tree, she bought it! She ended up spending $250 on freakin Christmas tree decorations & fun Christmas stuff for her students. She was determined that this Christmas would be our best in years.

We came home and she told me to go ahead and

Ciara ft Ludacris: Ride It

Did someone turn the heat up in this bish?! DAMNNNN Princess Super C! If this is how you’re gonna come back then I’m definitely checking for you. Can anyone dance better than this chick?! I swear she goes hard.. & that lil p*ssy pulse move at the 0:43 mark?! Wow!… Why are yall looking at me like that? I couldn’t think of anything else to call it lol! Ci Ci you didn’t have to do it like that! *goes to the mirror to practice* :D

Im not quite sure how far this video will make it being that the do me vibe of it is uber Prince but I’m sooo into this song!  The only thing I really liked about the actual video is her dancing. Oh & the black swimsuit scenes? Hot! Her hair was IT and she pulled off that red lipstick. She’s just too freakin skinny! She can keep that “23 inch waist” but in the meantime someone please pass my girl some biscuits.. We like it thick in the South!

Go past the jump to hear the uncut version of the song:

Chouette Love Hello Kitty Watches

Check out these super cute new Chouette Love Hello Kitty watches!  Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan, every girl loves to sparkle & can we say BLING BLING?! The synthetic diamond Hello Kitty heads in the Message Collection(shown above) are to DIE for.  They come in a variety of colors. I’ve spotted 5(black, pink, red, yellow & purple).  Some are rimmed with stainless steel and others with gold. The uber sexy part? The synthetic diamond encrusted dial! It has a quartz movement that turns them into an LED screen that can either light to flash the time, a message or a shape. Hows that for technology?!

The other two collections are the Sparkle Collection and the Ceramic Collection. Im SO feeling that pink Hello Kitty from the Sparkle!  I love the Message in pink too but I couldn’t do that loud pink band as it’s a bit much for my taste… The price for one of these babies you ask? They range from $620 – $800USD.  Steep but alot less than Kimora Lee Simmons’ kitty litter..[hehe.. get it?] So which one of you baller bishes are checking for em? *clutches my pearls and walks away lol*

Nique Tunes: Ashanti How To Keep Your Girl

Ashanti – How To Keep Your Girl

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I am soooo feeling this track by Ashanti. I’ve been hearing that its not new & that it actually didn’t make it on to one of her albums. I’m not an Ashanti fan(ask anyone) so if I’m feeling this, I know you guys will! I can think of a few guys that might need to listen to it lol… She gives some damned good advice :)

Love it or Hate it?

SN: Did yall hear my 10 second intro I did before the actual song came in?! It took me a really short time to throw it together in my Garage Band program on my iMac but it came out pretty hot… & I’m no producer. Gives the site a more personal touch though dontcha think? :D

Relaunching Deandrea Wright.. the Blog

Deandrea WrightHey yall! Didja miss me?! Yeah yeah I know yall did.. See what had happened was(lol) I changed servers and domains last year but never got around to putting my blog back up. I backed up all my old posts or so I thought I did, but it turned out that the backup I had was actually for my first blog, iCyberlebrity. So that was a bust.

I’ve spent the last week designing this template and I sooooo love it! Something about black and pink is just so sexy to me! Even if I don’t feel like blogging I think the site is so yummy now its going to keep me motivated. So stay tuned I will make sure theres lots to talk about. I’ve got to tell yall whats been up and whats about to be up.

I have no idea what direction I want to take this site in, so for now its just going to be about everything from celebrity gossip, fashion, shopping, parties… EVERYTHING! Depending on how things go with certain subjects, I’ll start focusing more on those.. Seeing that I already have some sort of little internet following, I think its gonna work out okay. Cant wait to pop this thing off! So what do you guys think about the lay of the land? Cute? Grown & cute? Teeny bopper… but cute? *makes the big sad eyes like that cat on Shrek lol* As long as it’s cute & you can see yourselves hanging here from time to time.. Let me know what you think about it in the comments :)

Pimp My Computer

In addition to buying my iMac, I mentioned to you guys that I told my sister Tiffany I was going to buy she and her husband Lando a computer. I wasn’t here for their birthdays in September plus it’s Christmas and I had been complaining to them about that computer for the LONGEST. So since it was old and it seemed that they were in no hurry to buy one themSELVES, although they kept TELLING me they were about to buy another one, I decided that would be the perfect gift. Well it came last Tuesday so here’s my late post. I dont even know anyone who still uses Gateway but hey, I guess lol! It’s not like they are going to be total computer addicts like me but in my opinion, and EVERYONE is entitled to MY opinion, no person living in the 21st century should be without a computer. So far, I dont think Lando can stay off of it. Tiff loves celebrity gossip like me so I guess she’ll be on those sites all the time rather than sneaking on the sites at work like she usually does lol! This little thingy will also benefit ME because now I can actually work when I go over there rather than fighting her ancient Gateway. They even still had dial-up internet so I know they didn’t care lol! Thankfully their Comcast high speed internet appointment is Thursday so I’ll be happily house sitting while they’re at work. Anyways let’s get to this “Pimp My Computer” episode..

Here’s the old Gateway.. Rest In Peace lol:

Here’s the Dell Inspiron 530:

My best friend Tiffany was like “You’re buying Tiff a computer?! You are a GOOD sister..” And I was like “Well SHE’S a good sister. A few years back she bought me my first CAR!..” Yeah, I know right?! So this was the least I could do.

So can we say “Upgrade Complete”!? Yeah I think so!